• THAT SEX TRIP TO CALABARShe had known him for some time; years even.Though they had never met in person, she hadspoken to him on the phone and chatted with him on BBM. They had become acquainted a couple of years ago when he got her number from a mutual friend. He didn’t ask her out but added her to a BBM group where the membersjoked and teased themselves.He was obviously in a relationship because hewas always flaunting his girlfriend on his DP.She had just met someone and they were going steady.Fastforward to the present… 3 years down the line. They were both married, both had kids; he a daughter and she a son. They teased themselves about how thier kids would someday get married.It had started as harmless flirting. She’d update her display picture and he would say “Ah take it easy o. Shay u know you are married. Don’t be tempting us”She’d Reply “gerraway”.Or he’d say “you are lucky you are married”… and she would say “ashewo! Aren’t you married?”Then one day, the dynamics changed.She had put up a display picture of a meme that read “A good man treats and licks his woman right.”He immediately sent her a message that read “If you were mine, I would lick every inch of that your sexy body”.She replied with “Hmmm, tell me more”.And so began their naughty chats, sexts and exchange of nudes… which inevitably led to them talking about meeting themselves.The more they chatted and talked, the more convinced she was that she needed to meet him. They had so much in common and their sexual chemistry was phenomenal. He was all she could think about. It had even started affecting her sex life because she couldn’t stand her husband touching her and even when he did, she imagined it was HIM fucking her.She craved for this strangers touch.She wanted him to enact all the scenerios he had painted for her…wanted to feel his touch and dwell in his kisses.She tried to shake it off. Really, she did. Her marriage wasn’t bad.She was married to a great man and they had ahealthy and enviable sex life, but, lately she kept making excuses to stay away from her husband. Damn, this strager had done a number on her.She needed to fuck him out of her sysytem.They both decided they needed to see each other. Since they both lived in different cities, they chose a random place where they were least likely to run into anyone they knew. Calabar was the city aptly chosen for the rendezvous.City of sex… City of sin… City of adventure.Game on!She told her husband she had a confrence in Calabar.He told his wife he had a colleagues wedding to attend in Calabar.They both agreed to meet on a Friday and leave on Sunday.Two nights to exorcise themselves of this demon that was driving them both insane.Game in play.On her way to calabar she couldn’t help but have cold feet. “What if it was all a ploy to blackmail her?” She had read so many stories online. “What if they saw themselves and she wasn’t physically attracted to him?” Rape? “What if her husband was behind everything?” Ahhh. That gave her chills. She shrugged it off and tried to relax.When she got to Calabar and called him, she felt a little better. He had checked in and was waiting for her. As she walked into the hotel, her fears returned; infact she was visibly shaking. She called him on the phone again and told him how anxious she was. He told hershe wasnt obligated to do anything… that he would come down to the bar and they could just talk. That was all the reassurance she needed. She told him to stay put that she would meet him in the room.As the bell boy took her up to the room, she caught her reflection in the hallway mirror. At 5 “8 She wasn’t bad looking . She had ebony dark skin, small perky breasts, a flat tummy, a sexy little bum and straight long legs. Everything was proportional but her face was her “selling point”. She had big brown eyes, a small nose, great dention in her perfectly shaped mouth that gave her that killer smile which endeared people to her.As she walked towards the room her apprehension reduced and as she turned a curve, there he was. He looked better than all the pics he had sent to her. Slightly taller than her, he was dark and rugeddly handsome. His lips looked like they were made for kissing and his smile made her breath catch in her throat. They smiled at each other and hugged.‘Gosh! He smelt and felt so good.’They talked and walked towards the room like old friends and there wasn’t a single moment of awkwardness. She entered the room and dropped her bags while he sat down on the chair staring at her, his eyes narrowed and filled with mischief. Feeling bolder and encouraged by the need in his eyes, she walked over, sat astride him and kissed him. The kiss was everything she hoped it would be and more. His mouth was warm and tasted of cigarettes. She didn’t know he was a smoker and it honestly didn’t bother her. He kissed her with an urgency and need she hadn’t felt in a long time. His tongue explored every part of her mouth and her tongue was the tour guide.The game just got interesting.He lifted her up and placed her gently on the bed… pulled her jeans and panties to her knees, then raised her legs over her head, pushing it till her shoes touched the headboard. Then he went to work.His tongue on her clitoris felt like heaven. He teased her clit, licking and slurping up her juices. She moaned and called out his name, all trace of shyness evaporated. She had neverbeen sucked like that before. His tongue was reaching places she never knew existed. His thumb was working magic on her clit, his tongue probing her honeypot, tongue-fucking her. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it any longer, he slipped his pinky into her asshole.“Fuck!!!” She screamed “Oh my God….”The sensations were insane. She couldn’t stop it any longer… her legs were shaking, she moaned and thrashed and came with a ferocity she had never felt. Her juices flowed out freely and he licked it all up. He dropped her quivering legs down and looked into her eyes.“You told me you taste like strawberries. You were wrong. You taste like fresh blueberries” he said and kissed her.This kiss was softer, gentler and more intimate. She could taste her juices on his lips. He kissed her so softly one would think he was savouring the taste of vintage wine. Hesucked on her lips, his tongue digging into hermouth. She sucked his tongue and bit his lips… she couldn’t get enough.He unbuttoned and removed her shirt, took off her bra, jeans and panties… his eyes never leaving her body. Then he took her nipples in his mouth and sucked her like a hungry baby. He paused to tease her hardened nipples with his teeth and tongue then tweaked it with his fingers. He was rewarded with a moan as she ground her pelvis against him. Pushing him on his back, she sat on his tummy, bent over and kissed his nose, ears and cheeks… trailed kisses to his neck and all the way down to his chest before sucking on his tiny nipples. He sucked in his breath as she twirled her tonguearound the miniature buds and heard him curse out.“Fuck! Oh shit!! Yeah baby…. Fuck!”She remembered from their chats that, that drove him crazy. Placing light feathery kisses on his abs, belly button, thighs and around hiscrotch; she moaned softly and wished she could kiss him forever before taking his cock in her mouth. She licked the cap and stuck her tongue in the tiny slit on top of it then ran her tongue down the length of his shaft, lapping athis balls before sucking them. She took all of him in and sucked like her life depended on it. She wanted him to come in her mouth but he was all about pleasuring her. He dragged her up till she sat on his face and gave her pussy the royal treatment. He ate that pussy like it was royalty. She rode his face, rubbing her clit on his tongue. She never knew she was a screamer. She screamed, moaned and cursed… oblivious to how much noise she was making. He ate her till she came in his mouth.Then, she got on all fours, raised her ass in the air and bit the pillow as he rammed into her and fucked her hard and fast. The pleasurewas so intense, her juices dripped as she screamed in pleasure..To be continued.