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Confessions of a Gentleman Episode 3

  • Hello gentlemen and Lady. Cos doubt if we really have another lady in this community apart from Afrocandy or they prefer to operate #Anonymous. Well I want to share an unforgettable moment i had with my Maid love Ijeoma. There is a lot to write about so i will just go straight to the point. From the previous episode i shared how me and Ijeoma finally became comfortable with our secret affair. After the first night i preventively rolled towards her bed to tickle her pussy. we went on to share several nights curdling and fingering. I wonder if you could remember those lame curdling we did under a table with our neighbors’ daughter pretending to me mummy and daddy. I started off that way with ijeoma. But in no time she taught me how to really curdle a woman. Well i was really fine tuned to meet the strict needs of a sexually classy maid. She hell knew what she wanted and she carved it out of me. In most of the nights i would want to go to bed early enough so that i could catch enough sleep before the main action starts at midnight. Once we say our prayers at night and the whole family retires to bed. i would usually wait for about two hours before creeping to meet my love on the other side of the sitting room. With arms wide open she would welcome me, kiss me, we would roll from one part of the bed to the other, before i start reaching for my area of interest. by this time i was no longer ignorant. I knew i was fucking a girl, i was enjoying every bit of it. and i was doing it right in my father's sitting room just about every night. The fear of getting caught made the whole experience even more adventurous.

    During the day, i would be a good respectable son that mummy's always proud of but at night i mean every night i fuck a girl right in my sitting room. Well on one Saturday my cover almost blew. Ijeoma had a bad habbit. she hardly uses a bra. On one Saturday morning she was washing at the back yard when i stumbled over her bent over a big bowl busy washing. Her breasts were almost out of her blouse. as she strongly squeeze her hands over the clothes i could see ber boobs clap over each other in rhythm. i surveyed the environment and crept up to her from behind and calmly slid my hands tru her blouse and reached for her boobs. She instantly shivered and quaked her legs. Bright what are you doing she faintly muttered. I simply went on to caress her. Right at the back yard i pulled out one of the breasts and sucked them like i was her baby. I felt it was my right and i could take it whenever i want. She didn’t resist she gave in all her emotions to my suck that she may have unconsciously made a slight moan. Soon we heard a door open. It was my mum coming towards the back yard. I immediately abandoned Ijeoma and sneaked away. As i ran away i could faintly hear my mum ask Ijeoma what was wrong i didn’t bother about what answers she would give. it was her duty to cover our tracks. she finished her washing and came in back to the house.
    Much later in the evening, that same day she went on to prepare our food for the next day. Usually when we plan to have beans as our breakfast for the next day, we would prepare the beans to a half-done stage and continue the cooking the following morning. On this evening, Ijeoma sat in the kitchen just by the door selecting the beans and i was just outside our apartment gisting with my agemates in the neighborhood. Being that it was late, my mum called me to enter the house. I insisted that i wanted to still stay outside a little while but my mum refused. she rather forced me to go and assist Ijeoma with the beans she was selecting. I angrily went on to assist her. While we their picking the beans NEPA struck! Light don go. The whole place definitely became dark and Ijeoma had to put on a kerosene lamp to enable us continue picking the beans. With the lamp, the illumination in the kitchen became really poor. We could only see a limited part of the kitchen. The light was strongest on the tray where we kept it to enable us select the beans while every other part of the kitchen remained very dark. we were their alone for a long time busy picking our beans when i realized my other hand was leaning directly on her legs. When i became conscious of this, i truly, really couldn’t select my beans again ooooo. na bad thing run enter my mind. Before i knew my hand was already travelling tru her gown. My first touch was like a shock but when she noticed it was me, she eased up and spread her legs a little more. While one of my hands were busy picking beans, the other had a new role, i was busy caressing her tighs. i explored her upper legs for a such a long time that she could no longer help but to stop picking the beans and focus with what was happening below. Slowly i progressed towards her panties and it was all soaked. Shocked by the wetness of her pants i quickly withdrew my hands. She noticed my irritation and said 'it’s not piss it’s because u are touching me' i took no time to believe her and went on with my exploration. I tried to slid the pant one side and access her vagina. Then i noticed it truly wasn’t a piss. The fluid was way thicker than the regular urine and kinda felt good on the hand. It made sliding my finger in and out of her pussy a little more fun. At this point we had stopped picking our beans. My fingers were lost way under a girl's skirt and she was almost standing up from her seat in excitement. while we were in the middle of the whole thing, the Idiots brought back their light. God just for one thing i would have been a dead man that night. Nobody was around. Look at Ijeoma's legs wide open under a tray of beans and my Hand straight inside her pussy. I quickly withdrew my hand and she adjusted herself. but guys u need to see the juice on my hand it was like i poured yoghourt all over my hand (Milky and very creamy). I quickly stood up went out and washed my hands and left her to conclude with picking of the beans. For the second time in the same day, i was almost busted.

    Well some of you could remember one routine we usually do in those days. We would open the windows in the morning and get them closed at night. We had a wooden window in our house at that time and that evening, Ijeoma had concluded picking the beans and went to the backyard. and shouted on me from the back yard 'bright come and close these windows' as i went to close the window i saw her leaning on the window from the outside she whispered 'when you close am come round and meet me at the backyard. hmm it struck me that we were game on. my fingers from the beans picking might have left her so horny she couldn’t even wait till its bed time. Immediately i got her instruction, i could feel my dick gradually become heavy and thick. Man has a business to handle. i quickly closed the windows and casually strolled to the back yard. As i went, i observed the environment and noticed Ijeoma had picked the very best timing. Mumcy was busy gisting with her friend outside. that kind of gist that would give you some clean uninterrupted 15 minutes before you will hear them parting ways. I quickly ran up to my madam that has been waiting for me at the back of the house. As soon as i got there, she grabbed me and gave me a kiss. she was so restless i was becoming scared we could be caught but when she raised her skirt up my fears disappeared. She had taken off her pants even before coming out. It was dark and kinda noisy from sounds of frogs and crickets but with those skirts up and that bare ass all up on me, the only thing that mattered was to plunge in. I grabbed her and as if she knows what i wanted to do, she quickly bent over. I slide my boxers down and found my way into her very wet hole. Well a lot happened in the past that i couldn’t really explain but i am writing these stories today as as an adult so i could really add a name to some of those experiences to help you get my gist well. I fucked her from behind for a few minutes and suddenly she fell to the ground as if her legs could no longer carry her. i could see her still shivering on the ground ' Wetin happen' i asked her innocently she replied me with a quivering voice ' nothing just go go i will come later' I was very loyal to her instructions cos i trusted her instincts. I quickly pulled up my boxers and ran back to the house. Well any lady reading this story now can tell us what happened to Aunty Ijeoma. Why did she fall to the ground?
    a. She broke her legs
    b. her leg was paining her
    c. i pushed her down
    d. she cum, she came or she was an organsim. lol good night pals. seel you later. 19/04/2016/11.56pm


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