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Friends with Benefit (Easter Special)

  • Good evening friends. Sorry about my delay in publishing more stories. The corporate world has no chill. Man has a family to feed and some days could be very very faustrating. Easter is a few days away so  i tought of a treat for you guys. I will tell you a story away from my regular house help episode just for the easter holidays after the break i will resume with my encouter with Ijeoma Episode 3. My stories are my personal life experiences no twists, no turns 100% true events. In few cases, i may change names of characters to protects the identities of my friends.

    Many of you would agree with me that somtime around 2012 and 2013 blackberry Messenger (BBM) was a leader in social media and social networking. Our BBM pins were way more relevant than our phone numbers. Well i had a blackberry phone at that time and i made the most of it. I wasnt the very out spoken type that could walk upt to a regular babe and ask for her pin. i was very scared of possibility of a "No" for an answer so i would rather respect my self and keep my mouth shut. But i had a cooler way of filling up my contact list. "BBM pinshare" the pin share is a platform where all bbm users who wish to share their pin with total strangers are allowed to do so at their own risk. I sighed up to the service and shared my pin. Every eveing i would open the pinshare app in search of new friends but will close it after finding out that there are more guys sharing their pins than the ladies. It was almost immpossible to find a lady on pinshare. the app was flooded by timid men like me. But one day i was furtunate enough to find one lady. I sent her a request to share her pin and she obliged. for the first time in several weeks i found a babe on pinshare. Dora was a Lagos babe and i am based in abuja. who cares about location, all i wanted was a chat.

    Starting off the chat was really a problem. I was being careful not to border her we with so much pings. And Dora would hardly respond to any of my messages. At some point i was getting discouraged. I even tought of deleting her pin until one day i got a ping from her. It felt like i hard a credit alert. Her boyfriend had dumped her and she was heart broken. Well as sad as it could be, that was my only shot of getting Dora"s attention and i made the most of it. I consoled her, and gave her reasons she could reach out for me whenever she felt like while i pretend to careless about her. deep inside of me i really do. I was a very boring guy at that time with no male friends how much more a babe in my life. I could view her dp over 100 hundred times a day and hope she would just say "Hi" before the end of the day. well my tricks paid off soon she contacted me more often and we became very comfortable. what can me and a girl who is not my sister chat about. after a few modest chat everywhere goes cold and boring. As time went on, we became more relaxed and gists slowly turns dirty. at these moments i would spend hours exchanging erotic messages and nude pixtures with my mystry frind dora. well she had no issues sending me pussy pix (PP as we call it) cos she would tell me she never plans to ever see me physically. so sending nudes to an unknown person is safe. well that was her own philosophy deep inside my head, i had a target and i knew one day i would get to fuck the same pussy i av been seeing on BBM.

    One of those  nights, we chatted for hours. our conversation was so steamy i had to jerkoff with the pixtures she sent to me that night. she on her own end was so horny, i could see her dripping juice on the pixtures she shared with me. While i was enjoying my moment with her my phone would heat up and stop charging. To get my phone charging again i would put my phone inside my fridge for a few minutes to reduce the temperature. suprisingly it will resume charging after this trick. Dora became a vital part of my life. I was in a distant relationship at that time but would hadly even say HI to my actual girlfriend. Dora was a sensation to me. In several occasions i have teased her to visit me in Abuja but the babe was serious. She wouldnt ever see me physically. I slowly accepted that fact and enjoyed the moments i had with her on BBm while it lasted.

    a few months into our friendship i made an official trip to Lagos. i was supposed to be part of a meeting holding at Muma Kotangora house in Marina, Lagos. I was supposed to return back to Abuja same day at the end of the meeting. Well i arrived lagos early enough and showed up for the meeting. At about 3:30pm i had concluded with my official business and headed to the airport enroute to Abuja. My flight was resheduled for 7:45pm and it was heart breaking. What will i be doing in the Airpoort till 7pm? i tought angrily. While i was still coping with the situation, I got a call from Dora. I told her i was in Lagos and she almost ran mad. I told her i was going back to abuja in a few hours , she said i dared not try that. Ah babe tot you said we are just chat friends we dont have to ever meet? Agbaya comon wait for me their i dey come meet you she replied me and ended the call. I was excited to see her. I really needed to put a face to all the juicy pixtures and huge boobs i had on my phone. I waited for a few minutes and she was at Ikeja airport from Surulere. I cant really describe the excitment on her face but she was really happy to see me. I was looking really dapper in my very coporate dress code. I guess the babe was tripping like crazy. She would hold me and fling my hands like am some robot. well i was proud hanging out with her cos she was demn hot too. She was way hawter than what i know on pictures i could only wish in my head that i would get a night with her one day. We strolled to a cafe withing the Airport terminal and ordered for snail and chilled juice. We had several photo shots, there was alot to remember. WHile she was busy taking photos with my phone, i had a debit alert for a transaction i had made few minutes before she arrived. And she sturbbornly went on to view the message. Well i had a healthy account at that time. Even doh i may have prefarred not to share my financial situation with her at that stage of our friendship, i really didnt resist her attempts so she went on to check my account balance. perharps she was impressed she joiking said"hmm young money when will you take me on a real date?"  Lol so this one na fake date ni? Well when you decide to visit me in Abuja you will get a real date. At this point Dora Didnt say no. Money Money Money may not give you happiness but i tell you it can any fucking kind of pussy.

    Well i returned to my base that evening and i continued chatting with dora on BBM. Now we were making plans for her frist visit to the seat of Power in Nigeria (Abuja). In a few weeks Dora left Lagos to visit me in Abuja. It was like a dream come true. I was so ancious i was some what scared of seeing her. And she felt the same way too. towards the end of the day she called me that she was at Jabi park. Quickly i dressed up and drove to the park to pick her. I dont have to repeat her looks. She is a sexy girl. Kim ass na learner where Dora dey. Dark, evenly toned skin with full breast. the type you may just want to sleep on forfiet a pillow. she got in the car and there was nothing much to say. Welcome wecome how was your journey was all i could say. in a few minutes we were both out of words and the athmosphere became quiet. well we did not talk much. she was not in Abuja for talk. She came to be fucked. The best i could do was to make it a fuck experience to remember. And to make this happen, i had made my own plans. we would actually go on special dates in between the crazy sex. we drove home that evening and i helped he off load her heavy lugagges in to the house. she felt so relaxed im my house i knew i was in for a full week of fun.I had also had a busy day at work so i quickly went into the bath room for a bath. i came out, and she went in also for a shower few minutes later. After some moments, she cameout with a towel around her chest.

    I took a first scan on her body physique with minimal clothes on and it was mind blowing. The type that could make a dick never ever go down again. I wonder if any guy out there is feeling me. I mean i see body my dick scream. Dora was flawless. Well i couldnt wait any longer. why wait until chrismas day before you open a gift that was given to u on christmas eve? I swallowed my pride and worked towards her. and grabbed her from behind. She smiled as she was actually expecting me to do just that. Babe you are stunning i whispered softly into her ears. As she turned slowly to face me i reached for a kiss. After months of starving to have her. I couldnt beleive i was really making out with my Mystry BBm girl. we kissed so passionately i could feel her melt into my arms. With so much activities going on, her towel could no longer hold on as it slid to the floor revealling even more mystries. I saw some very glassy and full tighs. Apart from my lovely wife, i would boldly say those laps are the best i ever saw. Her breast were a little saggy and i could quickly attibute that the there size. Those breast are huge with nipples as big as a belly burton. Well i had a lot to play with. I kissed Dora for a while and started playing some arousal games with her. I would tickle her ears with my tongue for a while, then went down to her neck. Then would slowly sqeeze her breast a little catiously stroking her nipple. Before i could repeat the routine over two times, the babe was already dead in my arms. Speechless and gasping for air. All she could say was oh ah hmmm  uummmm and all other strange sounds. Well i wasnt carried away in her world of plessure cos i had a mission. In my previous chats with her she had confessed to me that she had never had an organsm. And i was like are you serious? No man has ever fucked me till i cum she told me. well i was on a mission today. I wanted to give dora her first organsm so i needed to stay very focused. well at times when i want to be a monster in bed i could fuck a girl for 1 straight hour. This is not pranks this is no joke its the real deal. the secret is simple. I spend more time trying to turn the girl as high as possible fuck her as hard and deep as she asks me to but i would detach my mind away from her. during this period am not concerned about her curves or boobs or juicy puccy am just fuck a girl at this state na fuck until u drop. so i was in the mood of fuck until you drop with Dora. after several minutes of foreplay and intimate kisses, i ventured to take my hand downwards towards ger honey pot. mehn, the babe was dripping. well nothing is and will ever be sweeter than a wet puccy. The puccy for tonight was not wet. It was drenched. On this discovery, every other kind of foreplay had to stop the babe was already begging for a dick you dont have to wait until she dies before you go enter. I quickly slided my pijamas down, turned her towards the wall and penetrated her from behind as she leaned towards the wall. I could feel her melt further as my dick travels in. Wow this feels like haven i tought within my head. see pussy. so warm and soooo wet. puccies like this can make a man cum in just 30 seconds. But i had a I slowly rode in and out facinitating my self with the view of her ass. that ass is a killer. i watched both chicks of her ass bounce in response to my thrust. While i was busy filling my eyes with the ryrhm of her ass, that young girl was dying at the impact of my dick. With a babe that is not familiar with sex at this intensity, you dont have to fuck her for one hour before she start screaming jerking like a child with convulsion. Dora was already close to this point. As i continued pounding her from the same position, i reached for her breast which was already flying everywhere like a stray Dog. And i started complimenting the already hot sex with some light strokes on  her nipples. While i was about to go for a few more strokes, a tsunami The ewa don don (she had her first organsm). Dora jerked, shivered querked shock, rolled on the floor, moaned, screamed and shouted for several minutes at some point i was scared  she wouldnt stop. I had read stories of poeple that had organsms and it just wouldnt stop they had to be rushed to the hospital before it could be controlled. i wasnt ready for such situations so i made attempts to calm her dowm. I would hold her hands and told her to calm down, i would bring her water to drink, fan her with a hand fan but non of these really helped. until it slowly calmed down naturally. she laid on the floor there and slept off. I had no choice than to spread my bedsheet on the floor for me and my guest that night. we had a long uninterupted sleep until morning. She woke and clearly remembers what had happened the last night and was just starring at me. Babe tell me thank you. I demanded. She said thank you with no hesitation whatsoever. She had her first organsm last night and it was a crazy one. she was really thankful and the plessure was all mine. well guys that was day 1 of my fun week with this lovely lady. sorry i cant write down all that went down in the following days. But you could imagine the rest. I guess this is enough for a wonderful easter break ahead. This is wishing you A fun filled easter break. Happy Easter Ladies and Gentle men. Bye... 25th March 2016 12:53 AM.






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