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Confessions of a gentleman Episode 2

  • Hi guys. I have been missing in action for a while now. doh i visist occasionally to view one or two cute new pussy shoots uploaded by our mama Afrocandy and other cool guys here. Well i was gisting you guys about Ijeoma  and how she gave me my first sex. even if it didnt come as i would have tought. infact it came long before i was old enough to even start thinking about it. But what can a man do? such is life. fairly i could say i was abused. But mehn the abuse was fun. The truth is the story is long and i have only just begun. much sooner than you would have expected, the table turned. The Hunter became the hunted.

    After my encounter with Ijeoma the previous night, i could boldly tell you that my life took a very different course. The next day in school was really messy for me. All i could think of was Ijeoma and the crazy stuff that went between us the previous day. it possesed my whole being i just couldnt concentrate at school anymore. I would close from school and became very shy to come back home. Seeing her move around our small house was somthing i couldnt bear again. While she walked around the house doing her mormal chores pretending nothing happened between us, i was just by the corner starring at her and seriously wanted more. What ever it was we did the other day, i definatley wanted to do it again! Well Ijeoma dont seem to be on the same page with me. guess she was really satisfied with what she got the other day she became her normal self again. In some cases she could even scold me and slap me if need be. But i wasnt really cool with it. I felt i deserved better treatment being the new guy that fucks you. lol. On some occasions i had made gestures isnsinuating my intrest but she will turn down every one of them. Being the closest gril to me at that time, i had no option than to be very patient. Somehow i got to beleive that she will definately come back to me one day. One day after school, i found her in a very happy mood playing with my juniour ones who where much younger kids than me at that time. With the evil desires growing in me, i ventured to join in the play. It was a hide and seek game. And when it was my turn to go find her, i searched for her when i found her i jumped on her pretentively and made some reaches for her breast. I fondled her for a while and there was zero resistance. but she suddenly came back to her sences and realised my other junior ones might notice what was happeneing, she instantly cautioned me to stop. She pushed me away agressively but it didnt borther me. i got a good sign, she could still let me fuck her one more time. i tought in my mind.

    By now i spend virtually all my private moment fantasizing about her. Ijeoma is like the regular house help. Not so cute but has a body you could count on. One night i made a gesture that changed the entire story. Now this is where i would warn every parent to read carefully. There are lessons between these lines. My house then was a failrly small one. It was a room and a palour apartment. In days when daddy is at home i.e he visisted from school, He would sleep in the room with mummy. And when he is abscent, my younest sister sleeps with mummy in the room, me and my younger brother sleeps on a foam in the palour, while Ijeoma sleeps on another foam at another corner of the sitting room. On this fateful night i could no longer resist my desire to fuck Ijeoma again i tought of making some gestures at night. well on on this night, it was me, my brother and Ijeoma in the sitting room. mummy has locked her room with my younger sister with her. The lights were off and everyone is fast asleep. I had woke up to urinate so i turned on the light. i was shocked to see Ijeoma fast asleep with her green flowered pant very much exposed. she was so carried away in sleep she didnt realize her gown has rolled up. i was shocked as i starred for a while. I just managed to procced outside to ease myself and the i slowly came back in making sure i dont wake anybody. I turned the lights off and went back to my my foam but this time with a plan. Ijeoma was lying just a few steps away from my own location. all i could think of was to pretend it was carried away in sleep and unconsiously rolled towards her. I made my first move, made the second, and stretched my hands. But i was too far. I didnt reach ijeoma.i slowly moved my hands around hoping to feel either her cloths or anything indicating her presence but i was still far. after waiting a few minutes, i rolled further and streched. This time i touched a part of her skin that even made her unconsiously roll a little. well i knew i had anchored so i remained in that position quietly for a long time making sure she still sleeping. then i slowly reached for her pussy and placed my hands there as if i was sleeping and didnt know what was happening. when i noticed she still didnt make a move, i proceeded to move the pant towards one side and i could touch her bare pussy. reaching that goal was a huge acehivement for me i almost cum. i was so erect and happy i reached towards the inside of her cunt it was kinda moist and really warm. The idea that my fingers was really inside her got me so satisfied i didnt even know when i slept off with my hands inside her pussy. A few hours later i felt taps on my back. "Bright Bright wake up oya go ona bed" she continued. Her attitude indicated she knew what happened and seemed cool with it. but only dont want to be caught. Well i was a smart kid, and i got the message "You could fuck me as you like but pls dont let your mother know". Guys dont worry gist yakpa but i have to sleep now. see you guys later. 11:15 pm 10/03/2016.