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Confessions of a gentleman

  • Ok. Good evening guys. Hope y'all had a wonderful day? Mine was kinda hectic but it was cool. Will soon be going to bed but before then, i have gist for you. I will start with an event that took place just a few weeks after my 13th birthday.I am the first child of a young family from Rivers state. My dad was a fresh recruit of NNPC deployed to Effurun in delta state for a 3 years intensive training. We were 3 kids by that time and the domestic load was becoming too heavy for my mum who was doubling as a tailor to support the home while we patiently wait for popcy to be fully confirmed as a staff in his new firm. This stress pushed mummy to go to the village to seek a helper.

    She returned home with a grown up girl of about 21 at that time and she was truly relived. Ijeoma was a true helper she soon blended very well into the family and am seemed sweet. Dad would always return every 2 weeks to spend some days with us before returning to his said school. He is so fund of his dual deck cassette player that he could beat me to comma if I ventured touching it. I never worry about his player doh since I know very well he had just a few days to spend with us. I would wait till he is gone back to school, then I could freely play my own cassettes that I had borrowed from my friends. Life was simple, innocent and kinda fun.

    On one of those regular days, I had returned from school, Mum is still busy in the shop, I had eaten, and retorted to my dad's double deck cassette player playing some new tapes I got next-door Ijeoma walked into the house just out from the bathroom. She past tru the palour and went straight to the room to dress up while I was sitted in the sitting room still enjoying my music. After a few minutes Ijeoma called me " Bright " wetin happen? I answered 'Come here' reluctantly I walked into the room. Ijeoma handed me the container of her cream " rub my back she commanded" I obliged by applying the cream on her back as she demanded and hurriedly ran back to the sitting room. Just as I was about to escape she shouted at me Come here! Who tell you say you don finish? Come rub this side. As she cautiously exposes a more detailed part of her back. I got angry and complained ' aunty no dey send me message any how oo i no be your boy boy' I ventured to turn back to my music but aunty IJ pulled me back and warned 'if you go, I go tell daddy say you dey pay em deck when em travel' that was a shocker in my ears. If popcy hear say I dey play em deck am a dead man.

    Struck by this reality I callously went back to rub Aunty IJ her cream ooo. Knowing this time that she had really won my loyalty, she became more relaxed that she lost a firm grip if her towel and I could see some reasonable portion of her ass over the loose towel as i apply the cream. It took her no time to notice I was gazing her behind and she turned and pulled my ear like a kataport " small boy like you don bad finish wetin you dey look" At this point I am already humbled at what I saw. I was barely 13 but I know just exactly what had seen and every part of my body was responding to the shock as expected. I was silent and at least could just afford to continue rubbing the cream. Aunty Ijeoma also turned her back again as I rubbed on, she slowly let her towel down. I was 13 years old standing right behind a 21 year old ass. I was confused and instantly aroused as I stopped rubbing and just gazed at the wonder in front of me. Few seconds later she muttered " continue wetin you dey do " I placed my hands back on her back which is already dried of any cream but I rubbed on anyways. Slowly I began to rub below the back. In a short while my two hands was on Aunty IJs ass and she didn't say a word. She had approved of it. Aunty was soon carried away she turned, faced me and started guiding my hands. I could remember clearly the experience I was totally melted. But it was as if I wasn't the only one that actually felt the shock. My 21 years old house help soon forgot I was just 13. She quickly dragged me to the bed and held me so tight as if she was trying some form of curdling. Buy this time I had full access to the whole meal. I could touch her breast and still fear that she might slap me. But aunty had turned so horny she was enjoying my childish gestures. Before I could realize she had placed me on top of her with her legs open. All I could remember was me struggling to put something through into a hole. I was so naive I didn't know I was actually fucking her. But I could remember hearing her make sound gestures which I can easily interprete now as a response to Sexual pleasure. I can't really tell how soon the whole experience ended but I was certain it didn't last beyond 5 minutes. I soon became exhausted and she told me to stand up. It had milky substances all over my dick. She cleaned me up with her towel and asked me to go. I left the room back to the sitting room, lay on the chair and slept off as I wondered what had just happened.

    Well to a matured mind as I am today, it was evidently clear that I FUCKED a girl for the first time at age 13. She was 21 she was my house help. May not really rate the experience correctly at that time but if it wasn't fun,maybe I would have forgotten a better part of it by now.
    It's 12:30am Wednesday 13 January 2016. it's way past bed time av to sleep.
    To be continued.....