• It was Saturday afternoon, and twenty to thirty young guys and girls were dancing and cheeringup in the living room of my house. My paying guest, Ed, and his friends had won a game, so they were celebrating. Ed had invited me in the party and I was enjoying the party, too. I was a fun loving single woman. Ed was eighteenand I had no problem if sometimes he broughthis friend's and girlfriend to spend nights in her room. I was turning thirty-five, but I felt totally comfortable to have such a young guy inmy house.Ed was a college student and instead of staying in hostel, he preferred to live as a paying guest. Ed was cute, hot and seemed a good guy,so I gave him a room in my house. When Ed realized that, I was an open minded, fun lovingwoman he also got quite comfortable with me. After a month of little flirting, teasing, and talking naughty all the time with my teen paying guest, one hot afternoon I got him in my bed. We fucked twice that afternoon and after that I don't remember how many nights Ed had spent in his room. He always woke up inmy bed; naked and sometimes with my lips wrapped around his seven inches hard cock.In the party, every body was enjoying and shouting a name,Frank."Hi, Frank, today's hero," I said when Frank came into the kitchen to get a drink."Hi, Miss Susan," he replied, and stared at me for a couple of seconds.Frank must have found me quite hot in my reddress. It was a little short dress, ending near my mid thighs and displaying a huge cleavage. Frank was the friend of Ed. He had come to myhouse many times so I knew him a little. In today's game he had performed very good, that's why everybody including me was calling him a hero."I'm not the only hero. Everybody performed quite good in the game," Frank said."Maybe, but everybody is talking about you," I said, going a little closer to him. "Or maybe they are calling you a hero because you look like a hero; a hot handsome hero." I started flirting with the young guy. Frank knew about my attitude so he just smiled."Yeah, maybe," Frank replied."Frank, would you help me getting some boxesto my… bedroom? I had ordered some heels and lingerie, and before I could shift them to my bedroom, you guys came to have a party," Isaid."Um… yeah sure." Frank took his time in replying me. Maybe he was imagining me in the lingerie and the heels."The boxes are over there," I said, pointing at some boxes in a corner of my big living room."Hey, dude, come on. Have fun with us," a guy said to Frank when he went to pick up the boxes.I was waiting for Frank at the stairs, while he was crossing the crowd in the living room, holding all the boxes."This way," I said and Frank followed me.I took him to my bedroom and told him to put down the boxes near a table. I locked the door.Frank turned to leave the room, and found me standing very close in front of him. Before he could step back or say something, I put my hand on his chest, and started feeling his body through his t-shirt."Miss Susan, what are you doing?" Frank asked as my hand reached down to feel his abs."Well, I'm not your teacher or coach but you deserve a reward for today's game," I said, as my hand reached down to his crotch."Um… thank you, but," Frank was getting nervous."Shhh…" I put my finger on his lips.I pushed Frank and made him stand by the wall. I had already locked the door so I wasn't worried about anyone coming into the room and catching me getting naughty with this young guy."I want you since the first time Ed introduced you to me, you are a hot young guy, Frank," I said confessing my naughty feelings for him."Miss Susan, I don't think that it is right," Frank said, and he looked very nervous."Why? Don't you find me hot?" I asked, and I pulled down my dress revealing my big boobs.A hot view of my boobs was enough to stop him from talking for a while, and I started undoing his pants. As I pulled down his pants along with his underwear, his nice hard cock came out."I have seen you checking me out all the time, Frank, and that's why I thought to give you what you always wanted from me. Do you wantto leave?" I said stepping back."No, I don't want to leave, but..." Frank said."But, what? Do you have a girlfriend?" I asked."No, I'm a virgin," Frank said, and I smiled again moving closer to him."Don't worry. I will teach you everything," I said, as I went on my knees and gave a nice lickto his hard cock.Frank had a nice cock. It was around seven and half inches long and uncut."Oh, Miss Susan," Frank said grabbing onto my shoulders when I wrapped my hand around his cock and squeezed it."You like my soft hands on your hard cock?" I asked. "You have a nice cock, Frank, and I always like to take care of a nice hard cock," I said, and I took his cock in my mouth."Ah," in the beginning Frank was avoiding me because he was nervous about being a virgin, but now he was unable to control his moans.I loved sucking Frank's cock. I didn't tease him and please him good with my tongue. I also sucked his balls while stroking his cock. I sucked Frank's cock for a while and then I stoodup. I took off his t-shirt."Take off your shoes and clothes," I said, and I went to my bed.I took off my dress totally, and then took off my panties too. Frank got rid of his shoes and all the clothes. He was standing in front of me totally naked, and I was sitting on the bed. Frank was looking at me, and to make him come to me, I spread my legs showing him my beautiful pussy."Come here," I said rubbing my pussy.Frank came near me, and I touched his cock with my feet. Frank kept standing there near the bed while I played with his cock. He seemed to enjoy my feet."Come on. Fuck me, Frank," I said pulling him onto me. "Fuck me, Frank," I said again, and I reached for his cock.I grabbed Frank's cock, I stroked it a few times and then stick it between my wet pussy lips. I was so fucking wet, and I really wanted Frank's cock in my pussy.Ed had started seeing a girl so now he wasn't fucking me regularly and because of that I had to find a new guy to satisfy me. Frank seemed to be a perfect guy to be with me.Frank slowly slid his cock a little inside my pussy and then stopped. He was holding himself above me. I spread my legs a little more and smiled."Its okay, just keep pushing, slowly," I said."Yes, easy, just like that," I said feeling his cock going slowly inside my pussy. "Yes, a little harder and deeper," I guided him."Ahhh…" I heard Frank's moan."You like it?" I asked."Yes," Frank replied."Keep fucking, but pull out when you are aboutto cum," I said, and closed my eyes.I kept moaning, and asking him to fuck me more, and more. Frank was pushing his cock deeper in my pussy, he was fucking me harder,and I asked him to suck on my boobs while fucking me. Frank sucked on my boobs really good, he bit on my nipples which I liked a lot. After fucking me for a while and making me cum once, Frank pulled out his cock."I'm going to cum," Frank said."Come here," I smiled and asked Frank to come near my head.I took his cock in my mouth, and I started sucking him harder. Within a few seconds, I heard Frank moaning louder, and then he filledmy mouth with his cum."I'm sorry," Frank said because he had cum in my mouth."Don't say sorry, I love cum," I said after swallowing all the cum.Frank looked surprised to see me swallow his cum. He lay down next to me, as we both werebreathing heavy."You are not a virgin anymore," I said."Thanks to you," Frank replied feeling comfortable with me.We kept lying in the bed for a while. Frank toldme that he had a crush on his teacher, and he did sometimes masturbate thinking of me, too.I felt proud to know that he did fantasize me. We were just talking when I heard a knock on the door. Frank got panicked, and he asked me not to open the door."Who is it?" I asked."Miss Susan?" It was Ed at the door.I smiled to hear his voice, and went to open the door. Frank kept begging me to not to open the door. As I opened the door, Ed saw me naked, but before he could ask something, I pulled him inside the room and closed the door again."Frank!" Ed was surprised to see Frank naked inmy bed."Dude, I… Miss Susan made me…. and I couldn't control myself," Frank st