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  • The “Dumsor” – Doggy

    Well I know you don’t like the dumsor, neither do I, especially for those of us in Accra where the situation has become dumdum. For my foreign readers “dum” refers to off whiles “sor” means on so dumsor is the term used to refer to the frequent on and off nature of our lighting (energy) situation in the country.

    I met Joyce from a Whatsapp group and realized that we lived close to each other. We have met twice already and this night was the 3rd meeting. Earlier in the day, she had asked me to fuck her that night, which I agreed. We planned to meet at Lapaz at 6pm but I was delayed at the office by a meeting, so we couldn’t make it. I got home at 9pm we had a chat and we agreed to meet still, this time in her neighborhood and just to pick up some movies I had given her. I got to Tesano, her place and there she was walking up to me, we hugged and said a few hellos. She complained and showed her disappointment about me not making our initial Lapaz-plan fruitful, but I tried to explain to her that I couldn’t do anything about it. I pulled her close and hugged her, trying to console her. I run my hands over her back and sliding it down across the curve of her ass, and then I realized Joyce was panty less again; damn this sexy lady doesn’t like panties does she? All the occasions we met she had always come without under wears. I pressed her ass firmly with both hands and her face rose from my chest to my face. We locked our tongues together and kissed. There was dumsor at Tesano at the time but we were standing at the junction to her house, we were standing in the light emanating from the opposite house which was using a generator. We broke the kiss I stood by her side and held her ass cheeks in my right hand whiles the left squeezes the boobs. Mmm right in the middle of the street, someone was walking up to us; I dropped my hands and turned my face elsewhere. When the fellow walked pass us I whispered into her ears come lets walk because people might be looking at us from the second floors and storey buildings.

    We walked towards the direction I came from, found an excellent spot: beside a parked benz car. She said Kwabena you have to fuck me right here. I pulled her closer, fitting her right into my body, kissed her whiles my hands squeezed her fine butt hard. Its not safe here, people will see us, I said but she ignored that and leaned over the bonet of the car, what an invitation. Well there was no turning back now. I took position behind her, by her side and slipped my right hand under her skirt, rubbed her thighs up into her pussy. I rubbed her pussy lips from behind and gently slipped my thumb into her pussy. She turned her face to look at me in some sexy-confused look. You see how wet you have made me, you have to fuck me, she said. She stretched her left hand, unzipped my trouser and pulled out my dick. She stroked it gently whiles I fucked her with my thumb. When I realized I was hard enough to go I rolled on a condom which I luckily got from my wallet. I got behind her and she guided my penis into her waiting vagina. Apparently I am not too big for her so she took me inside her with ease. I fucked her slowly, being cautious that no one recognizes our movement. She has such a soft ass, so soft I can’t describe. I banged her in slow strokes gradually increasing my tempo. Just when I was getting into the full mood, this gate man, or house boy or whoever came out from a new bye house and was talking on phone, a few times he was looking in our direction but am sure he didn’t suspect a thing. On one occasion I had to pull out of her and stand by her as if we were just having a conversation, I did that in deceiving a gentlemen who was walking bye, he looked a little suspicious what we could be doing in the dark that quite and not talking. I pulled her to the boot side of the car where it would even be more difficult to be noticed. I pushed her back and made sure her ass was perfectly elevated; I shoved my dick into her etwe and fucked her real good. She started moaning a little bit, just being careful enough not to be heard. I fucked her and bumped my groin into her soft ass; I said “am going to cum for you-baby” she didn’t respond, I fucked a little bit more and felt my cum shooting out into her, only held back by the condom. She grinded me a little more, twerking her waist around until I pulled out of her. I tied the condom and into my pocket it went. I pulled her closer, we kissed a little bit more and headed her for home. We stood at the junction and had a big hug. Mmmm.

    Just when I turned to leave I noticed a security man from the nearer house, he just came out to wash his feet. I walked pass the other gentleman who surprisingly was still on phone, I turned around to look in the direction we were and I realized that well, no one could have easily noticed as, thanks to Dumsor.       

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    Golden Babe Waw something good came out of the dumsor after all. Gosh I hated it with passion
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